Brand history

The Epique brand was born in Turin from the fresh and sparkling ideas of the young Alessia Epifani. Alessia, daughter and granddaughter of opticians, approaches the world of optics very early, showing, since she was a child, a strong creative sense, looking for new proposals, particular ideas and of elegant solutions.

Perhaps as a joke, probably without thinking too much about it, at only 12 years Alessia began to give vent to her creative flair by making the first "sketches" of what she wished were her frames.

When choosing high school Alessia had no doubt: she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her dad Fabrizio and her grandmother Maria, so she decided to enroll in the optical school in Turin; by attending high school Alessia's passion for the world of optics increased more and more; thanks to what she was learning day after day she has the opportunity to more consciously review his "twelve-year-old sketches".

In this way she could modify those sketches further enriching them with those more technical details that were previously unknown to her. After five years Alessia graduated and then, after a short time, obtained the optical qualification; with the achievement of this important milestone Alessia and her dad Fabrizio decided to create the new Alessiafashiongroup Company, owner of the Epique brand.

For Alessia it is the realization of her secret dream! From that moment on, everything gets serious: the sketches come to life, begin to have well-defined shapes and colors, are reviewed one by one, modified or replaced entirely. Alessia is a determined girl, and has clear ideas about making her glasses truly unique and completely hers: the brand name. It has to mirror her, to talk about her, to identify her, that's why she chooses Epique, the nickname that represents her more than any other. Alessia, however, still has an important choice to make: she wants to be able to mix the quality of 100% made in Italy materials and acetate sheets with the elegance of a light and colorful precious fabric like silk. So she carries out the last step of her creative process, devoting herself to the choice of silks which will then be inserted between the two acetate plates during the frame assembly.

With this last and refined detail Alessia's creative phase ends, to give space to the material production of Epique frames which now, for her, is no longer just a secret dream, but a springboard from which to jump into the world of creativity , those flair and fashion that have always fascinated her.