The Epique brand was born in Turin from the fresh and sparkling ideas of young Alessia Epifani. Alessia, the daughter and granddaughter of opticians, approached the world of optics at a very early age, showing, even as a child, a marked sense of creativity, of searching for the new, the particular and the elegant.

Perhaps as a game, probably without overthinking about it, Alessia began to give vent to her creative flair at the tender age of 12, making her first 'sketches' of what she wanted her glasses to be.

When it came to choosing high school, Alessia had no doubts about wanting to follow in the footsteps of her father Fabrizio and her grandmother Maria, so she decided to enroll in the school of optics in Turin; while attending high school, Alessia's passion for the world of optics grew more and more; thanks to what she learned day after day from her studies, she was able to revise in a more conscious way what had been her '12-year-old sketches'.

She thus manages to modify them further, enriching them with those more technical details that were previously unknown to her. After five years, Alessia graduated and shortly afterwards qualified as an optician; it was with the achievement of this important goal that Alessia and her father, Fabrizio, decided to set up a new company, Alessiafashiongroup, owner of the Epique brand.

For Alessia, it is the beginning of her lifelong dream! From then on, it's serious business: the sketches come to life, they begin to have well-defined shapes and colours, and are retouched one by one, modified or replaced altogether if necessary. Alessia is a determined young woman and has her mind set on what she needs to make her glasses truly unique and completely her own: the brand name. It must reflect her, it must speak of her, it must identify her, which is why she chose Epique, the nickname that represents her more than any other.

Alessia, however, still has an important choice to make: she wants to be able to best mix the quality of 100% made-in-Italy materials and acetate plates with the elegance of a light multicoloured and precious fabric such as silk. So he put the final step in his creative process into action, personally choosing the silks that would then be inserted between the two acetate plates during the assembly of the glasses.

With this last and sought-after detail, Alessia's creative phase comes to an end, to give way to the material production of the Epique eyewear, which is now, for her, no longer just a dream in the drawer, but a springboard from which to dive into the world of creativity, flair and refinement that has always fascinated her.

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